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THE self paced course that teaches you to master your money, increase your profit, collect more cash and make smarter biz investments along the way

Joining The Online Money School Means No More.......

Earning all the cash but paying yourself last!

Secretly adding up your sales on a piece of paper! 

Waiting for your accountant to surprise you with your tax bill!

Not knowing how VAT works, and where to even start!

Being too scared to admit that you don’t know your ‘reconciliation’ from your ‘profit retention’!

And a whole lot of....

Here’s the thing, G.


Understanding your money is ground zero. 

For women in particular, we are not taught to talk about our finances. It’s not your fault! Trust us, even some of the biggest names out there skip this step (and it comes back to bite them!).


When we understand our finances and we’re prioritising our personal profits over turnover, we…

And so the cycle continues.


See what I mean? Money mastery is ground zero.


And you’re about to arrive.

And we’re going to show you the way…


Christina Christoforou

Christina shares the strategies behind the successes of multi-million £ companies, combined with near 2 DECADES of finance experience. Christina's focus is to teach you her expertises and strategies so you can implement in your own business to upscale your bank balance.


UK Qualified Accountant: AAT and ACCA

Helena Donald


Guest speaker, Helena is a Money Mindset expert and Success Coach,  who is on a mission to help you lead a life that you'll look back on and say "I frickin did it!" Helena will be sharing her most result driven training to help you level up your money mindset that will mean more money in the bank!


Qualified EFT Expert and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner  

Heard the saying ‘more money, more problems’? 

Not here, money-maker!

Inside Online Money School...

  • Video trainings from our experts

    Pre-recorded video trainings taught by Christina Christoforou, so you can learn at your own pace.


    Christina will be sharing her collective knowledge from over 20 years of helping multi-million £ companies increase profits & cash in the bank.


    Christina will not only be teaching the methods and frameworks that she uses with her 1:1 clients but will be giving you actionable steps to implement within your own business!

    (Value £5,000)



  • All the resources you need!

    Templates, checklists and step-by-step guidance that you can use in your own business that will give you clarity around your money and the foundations you need to succeed to that next level.


    (Value Priceless)

  • Guest expert speaker

    Pre-recorded training from Money Mindset and Success Coach that has helped countless women overcome their money stories and start owning the success they deserve!


    (Value Priceless)

Client results!

Working with Christina on the Online Money School completely transformed my finances. I had known for a while I needed to start making more smart financial decisions & making choices to make my money go further but didn’t have a clue how myself - so this came at the perfect time. My head was so scrambled and overwhelmed & Christina made me excited about money, set me up now with help with systems, and financial support in all areas so that I now feel confident with my income and now being more profitable, plus she helped me SAVE 5 times in tax what my investment was for the Online Money school, 💰- I can’t thank her enough and am always saying to her how grateful I am she came into my life 🤣💕

Lucy Welch

Network Marketing

In my first week working alongside Christina, I DOUBLED my INCOME that I usually make in ONE MONTH - Overall increase of 132%, which is AMAZING.

Ellen Kotze


A £1000 EXTRA PROFIT in less than 21 days that is what Christina can get you.

Laura Pilbeam


With Christina's incredible knowledge, she helped me to MAP OUT a simple, scalable strategy to turn my consistent £5k months in to £10k months in the next year. She also gave me so much insight into how to make sure I always have cash readily available.

Rachel Kitchen



Dreaded tax.. The stuff noone talks about! Not even your accountant, but yet it is one of the most important areas for you to know. 


Throughout this module I talk about what you need to know to make sure your business is set up for success and that there are no nasty surprises.


I will be covering: UK business structures, UK tax & VAT - my priority is to cover the following topics, so that it's easily accessible and understandable.

  • Business Structure
  • What do these structures mean for you as a business owner - what kind of responsibilities do you have and dates to remember
  • UK Taxation including VAT: You might think that tax is boring but when you understand it and how you can use it to improve your business - it's going to be a WHOLE different story (trust me)! Making sure to cover:
    • How to pay yourself (Self-Employed and Limited Company)
    • What tax you need to plan for
    • How to set yourself up to maximise your cash
    • The types of expenses you should be claiming in your business

Resources Available:

Tax calculation template: for self-employment

Template to help you decide when you should move to a Ltd company

A guide on what expenses you can claim to REDUCE your tax

Juicy tip for those that are still in their 9-5 job

All of this for £477


  • 1. I have an accountant, do I still need this?

  • 2. I'm not good with numbers, is this still right for me?

    A B S O L U T E L Y!!

    You might not know this but I actually got a D in Maths at school, so I am the definition of "not being good at numbers" but by training as an accountant, getting over 2 decades of experience and working with female business owners all over the world... I've learned how to break things down into easily digestible stages to make sure you get the maximum help!

  • 3. How will the trainings be delivered?

  • 4. How will I know if I am ready?

  • 5. I still don't know if I'm ready - I've invested a lot and I'm worried

  • 6. I don't have the time

    If you don't make time for your money, your money won't make time for you. I know this sounds harsh, but I say it with love. The fact is, if you put this off, you don't know what financial mess you are getting yourself in into. I've spoken to my clients and they've all said they wish OMS was around when they were starting out... it would have saved them the 5-figure investment that they have to pay now and they would have got to their financial goals a lot quicker.


    This course was designed to create impact, I didn't want it to be some long drawn out  course that "seems" like you get loads of value but actually just has you sat for hours on end. I wanted it to be simple knowledge that you could implement (using the actionable steps that I give you), and that's why it's done over 4 modules that build on top of one another.


  • London, United Kingdom

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