Invaluable for me starting my business. The guides gave me so much information around some of the basics when it comes to finances and starting a business, especially around company types and taxes - super helpful. I would definitely recommend this pack to anyone in need of some help around the basics of starting a business and their finances.

Carly, Life Coach

I love them!! So so handy!!! Very clear, sleek design, very useful templates and clear instructions on all of them. Task list, broken down; Daily, Weekly & Yearly, so you are on top of it all. Super super useful and worth every penny!!

Kinga, Yoga Teacher

Hi! 👋🏽

I'm Christina Christoforou.

CEO and Founder of CMNC Associates Limited.

I am leading the financial industry in to the 21st Century by making it accessible to online entrepreneurs just like you! It is my mission to help you increase profit, cash and pay yourself more whilst making smarter investments for the future.


Throughout my 20 years in finance, I have worked with multi-million £ global international brands....and I can assure you that they are still just as confused with the numbers as you are now. After becoming a UK Certified Chartered Accountant (the equivalent to a Masters) and becoming Finance Director, I knew I wanted more. 


I wanted to share my knowledge of accounting, tax, business, systems and scale with the masses, with the aim that I would help them before they get to the multi-million level - so they were already equipped for scale!


I am excited to be on this journey with you!


Are you ready to take control of your money?

Please note that this product is designed with UK Self-Employed businesses in mind, and the information included is directly related to the UK ONLY - from HMRC and Companies House.


*This template is for indication only. We recommend that you still work with a financial professional to calculate your correct tax liability. The calculation tools and guides are an indication only, and we do not accept any liability for incorrect calculations/errors. By purchasing this product you agree to negate us from any liability or errors that you may incur.


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